Philip Jay Lahnert (you can call him Phil if you like) was born in 1993 in the bay area of California, but was raised in the Denver Metro area of Colorado. He has been involved in audio production since 2008 when he started to produce electronic dance music during high school in his home studio. His first formal education came when he attended WarrenTech technical school's audio production program during his senior year of high school. He would later go on to attend the University of Colorado Denver where he graduated with his Bachelor's of Science in Music with an emphasis on the Recording Arts. Throughout his education he has worked on several student films doing ADR, foley, editing, audio restoration, scoring, sound design and mixing, as well as several local band projects doing production, tracking, mixing and mastering.  

         Philip primarily uses Avid Pro Tools and Apple Logic Pro as his DAWs of choice, but his is also familiar with Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason, Image-Line FL Studio Steinberg Cubase. It is not uncommon for him to mix and master audio completely "in-the-box" and is adept at using whatever tools or effects that are at his disposal. He is a firm believer that it is not the specific plugins themselves that achieve a desired sound, it is how each one is used. A great mix is as equally possible with stock plugins as it is with a several thousand dollar plugin bundle. That being said, he does have a love for microphones and gear as is common among the audio profession. He has a substantial understanding of signal flow, analog gear and microphone techniques, all of which are necessary qualities in a great audio engineer. The sound must be captured correctly at the source in order for it to sound right. Although Phil is perfectly happy working alone, he also works very well with other people and has a friendly, cool demeanor. Many projects he has worked on in the past have involved many different people working in cooperation. I'm sure you will find him a delightful person too work with and he will always strive to uphold your commercial or creative standards while working with you.